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The lines of the commercial shipping company are mainly represented by various directions, the task of which is to provide a convenient solution for the transportation of objects of any complexity, from small parcels to heavy equipment.


Turkmenbashi - Baku
Turkmenbashi - Astrakhan
Turkmenbashi - Kuryk
Turkmenbashi - Makhachkala
Transportation of oil and chemical cargo
Tankers that transport oil and oil products are equipped with new technical means and devices that meet environmental safety standards and are capable of transporting 6 types of oil products. Our tankers send crude oil from Ekerem, Alaja, Kiyanly, and from Turkmenbashi – oil products such as fuel oil, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene, hydrotreated fuel, gasoline, etc. from the Turkmenbashi oil refinery. The main route for the transportation of crude oil is to the ports of the Azerbaijan.
Cars carriage and passenger transportation
Our Ro-Pax car-passenger ferries carry passengers, trucks and other vehicles, as well as containers, pallets, baggage and mail on the Turkmenbashi-Baku-Turkmenbashi route. The ferries have all the amenities for an unforgettable trip for passengers, including comfortable cabins “Lux” and “Standard”, a restaurant with 100 seats, a children’s room, a medical center, etc. The cost of two meals a day, calculated on the basis of a special menu, is included in the ticket price. In addition, everything is provided for the safe and secure transportation of various vehicles.
Transportation of dry cargo of various types
Our dry cargo ships carry out sea transportation of various cargoes – polypropylene, polyethylene, urea, barite, sulfur, containers and other general cargo. The main routes are ports of Azerbaijan (Alat, Hovsan), ports of the Russian Federation (Astrakhan, Olya) and Kazakhstan (Aktau). The growth of the production potential of Turkmenistan makes it possible to arrange the supply of many types of goods abroad, and the sea communication opens up opportunities for increasing the trade flow of goods. The expansion of the National Merchant Marine Fleet by the construction of new dry cargo ships until 2025 will directly increase the cargo traffic through the port of Turkmenbashi.
Transportation of passengers in internal waters
Our joint-stock company provides ships under a time-charter agreement – chartering a vessel with crewmembers for use for a specified period for the carriage of goods or for other purposes of merchant shipping. Depending on the type of ship and the type of charter, normally a standard contract form called a charter party is used to record the exact rate, duration and terms agreed between the shipowner and the charterer. Freight payments are made in accordance with the contract for the carriage of goods by sea.