Marine merchant fleet of Turkmenistan

Information about a closed joint stock company

About company

In 2010, the Administration of the Turkmen Sea Fleet was established. Later, in 2015, the management was transformed into the Marine Merchant Fleet Closed Joint Stock Company.

The shareholders of the company are the Turkmendenizderyayollary Agency, owns 70% of the shares, the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port owns 20% of the shares, the Deryayollary Production Association owns 9% of the shares, the "TM CELL" Closed Joint Stock Company owns 1% of the shares.


Rapid development

In 2019, “Marine merchant fleet” closed joint-stock company was awarded the status of “National Carrier at Sea”. This status contributes to the improvement of the quality of services rendered by the company. The growth of the production potential of Turkmenistan makes it possible to arrange the supply of many types of goods abroad, and sea traffic opens up new directions of trade cargo traffic.

The development and expansion of “Marine merchant fleet” closed joint-stock company will have a direct impact on Turkmenistan’s share in world trade, the diversification of its foreign trade structure and its active participation in the country’s global economy.

Rapid development

There are 20 ships in “Marine merchant fleet” CJSC. They are designed to transport oil and petroleum products, to transport cargo, to transport cars, to transport passengers, and to transport various types of dry cargo.

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